Sample Essay

Growing business is the backbone of every country’s better economic and financial conditions. Different multinational companies invest in different countries to extend their business operations and to generate good reputation with huge revenue ratios.

Every country exerts its full strength and capabilities to attract foreign investment to its homeland so that as much financial aid could be brought to the country as possible. Africa and theUnited Kingdomare one of the continents who are giving highly focused stress and efforts to promote their business continental wise. All the countries in theUnited KingdomandAfricaare putting all their efforts to catch the center attention of the investing parties in order to promote their turbine and automotive industry (Franke, 2002).

            In this dissertation, we would be taking theUnited KingdomandAfricaas our central research countries and the businesses whose core competence and sustainability would be analyzed and measured are turbine and automotive businesses.

            According to the BBC News (2007), Africa is a huge continent with as many as 53 countries and all the countries of the continentAfricaare striving and struggling while putting full stream of work to highlight themselves among other countries in respects of business growth and performance revenue growth. The countries of Africa, such as, Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, includingZimbabwe,Nigeria,Libya,Egypt,Kenya,Ethiopia,Uganda,Ivory Coastand others are trying to modernize their infrastructure of different countries so that they could attract the foreign investment into their homelands

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