Sample Essay

Packaging is an extremely important aspect of marketing the product and also the product itself. Although it may be the last part of the products manufacturing process and constitute only 5-10 of the cost of manufacturing the product it should always be planned beforehand and given due importance. Packaging is an important part of getting the consumer to try the product the first time.

First of all packaging of the product needs to be clear and uncluttered. It is important that the consumer is able to easily understand the message that the manufacturer is giving about the product.

The packaging needs to be in line with the theme of the product that the manufacturer wants to project. For example if the manufacturer is trying to sell the product as an environmentally friendly one, then it makes sense to ensure that the packaging is also in line with this concept. Theme is also very important when we consider all aspects of the package from the design of the package to the materials used in its construction. The color’s , the graphics used the placement should all fuse together to give a unified message.

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