Sample Essay

The employment creation has led to migration both within and outside the country. People migrate from rural towns to urban cities and migrate abroad to seek better opportunities of employment. Yet, both forms of migration have adverse effects; firstly, rural-urban migration leads to highly populated urban cities.

The development of slums such as the one in Mumbai, India becomes a source of transmitting communicable diseases that harms the health of a large part of the population. It also leads to environmental degradation as forests are cut down for accommodation purposes and high volume of traffic increases carbon-dioxide emissions. Thus, it adds to the global warming dilemma.  The migration abroad (the ‘brain drain’) becomes a loss for developing countries as they lose out on  human capital that could have been a prime source of economic growth and prosperity.

Thus, globalization can be a positive driving force, but its’ adverse effects could have consequences for growth and development in the future unless addressed by appropriate policies.

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