Sample Essay

That is why, bio-fuels are considered to replace oil energy in the future very easily because it provides as the best alternative energy resource to replace the existing fossil fuels or oil energy.  Some of the advantages according to which bio-fuels are the best alternative over oil energy are explained and listed in the following:

  • Bio-fuels are known to be non toxic
  • Bio-fuels have far less noxious emissions than oil energy
  • Bio-fuels are highly non-flammable as compared to the highly flammable oil energy
  • Bio-fuels are environment friendly as compared to the oil energy resources present in the world
  • Bio-fuels are light in weight and contains no amount of sulfur


Bio-fuels can be beneficial to replace oil energy in the future because of its versatile nature and several beneficial aspects through which bio-fuels are said to see more development than oil energy around the globe. Bio-fuels are better than oil energy and can replace oil energy because they contain cheap organic matters in competent and resourceful production of energy with high energy net improvements.

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