Sample Essay

Almost every scientist in the world agrees to the point that carbon dioxide adds to the pollution to the environment and causes harm to the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere. It is also the cause of the rise in the temperatures and other climatic differences occurring to vast extends in the earth. Every year, almost 3-11 degrees of Celsius warm temperature is rising annually as a normal average.

This has not only affected the climatic conditions but also has been melted the ice present in the cold regions of the planet. The cold regions are all comprised of ice in the extreme ends of the earth that have started melting, resulting in the global warming according to which the water level of seas has increased every year and is expected to flood out the coastal regions, islands and several portions of land across the globe within some years. This harmful affect could be minimized down to huge extends with the help of the Bioenergy technology (

            Immense amount of biomass is present around the globe which is needed to be exploited, and could serve in the regions of regional, international, local and national form of energy utilization of Bioenergy. The life cycle of Bioenergy is qui interesting and contains helpful information for everyone. According to a typical life-cycle, it involves the assembling and analyzing outputs, inputs information, along with the potential climatic impacts and aspects of system of a product or service throughout the entire era of the life cycle.

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