Sample Essay

A quote from Eric Kwan-Wai Yu’s article

‘Whatever shapes of fear vampirism might evoke elsewhere, in this novel the dominant form has to do with sexual menace or the dreadful perception of sexual perversity. In fact, even the most erotic scene ends with utter revulsion and the chilling recognition of demonic threats posed by the Other’ shows that his interpretation indicates a great deal of sexual connation and the confusion created by the use of language between blood-letting and the sexual act.

‘Lucy is described as seductive, demonic, and bestial at the same time, and there is again the deliberate confusion of sex with cannibalism’

However Professor Miller states that there is no conclusive proof within Bram Stokers life or the novel which would justify the kind of interpretations that have been made. However there are many indications that repressed sexuality is a powerful undercurrent in the book which both repulses and attracts. Jonathan Harker is unwillingly attracted to the three vampiric women and is sickened by himself . The scene in which Dracula subdues Mina is interpreted as such by Eric Kwan-Wai Yu explains that Stoker ‘subverts gender definitions and behavioral expectations which keep the imperial subject in place.’ He suggests that there is the feeling of something missing as he compares the time when Harker lies by when Dracula comes to Mina and when Dracula first comes to Mina. He draws similarity in their behaviour.

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