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DB2 has two interfaces, either to use it from command line or use the Graphical user interface, the former requires a good knowledge of the product. The GUI based interface has a Java Client that makes it a multi-platform entity. It supports Structured Query Language SQL and XQuery with the implementation of XML data Storage that enables it to store XML as XML supporting faster query processing.

An XML application can interact with the DB2 Server through the XML interface using the XQuery language. XQueries typically access the native XML store. XQuery is supported as a standalone query language independent from SQL. (Nicola,Linden)

Programming Language Interface

DB2 provides Application Programming interfaces (APIs) for .NET, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, C++, C, REXX, PL/I, COBOL, RPG, FORTRAN and a number of other languages. It also has capability to get integrated with development environments like Eclipse and Visual Studio .NET.

Distributed system Support

DB2 is cross-platform and likely to be used in cross platform enviornmnets. It work on Linux, UNIX, Windows based servers, z/OS etc with interfacing provided by Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or ADO.NET etc.

Evaluation of the database

DB2 has been widely used world wide. It has been desired to introduce autonomic computing for relational databases and the current features present in DB2 just represent a glimpse of tremendous functions that it could sustain.

Future releases of DB2 UDB will feature key infrastructure capabilities that will allow DB2 UDB to evolve to the next level of system automation and self-control by allowing a large set of operations, configuration changes, and maintenance utilities to run concurrently with online systems, and provide enhanced monitoring and reporting of system activity and resource utilization. (Lightstone, Lohman, Zilio)

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