Sample Essay

According to Grisby, “the server side has two primary modes of operation: thread per connection and thread pooling”. In former mode, single thread is dedicated to a connection.

The thread blocks wait for the request till it receives. After receiving, “it unmarshals the arguments, makes the up-call to the application code, marshals the reply, and goes back to watching the connection”. In the latter mode “a single thread watches all incoming connections”. When the call arrives, a thread from the pool is assigned the work. “The thread pool is not pre-initialized. Instead, threads are started on demand, and idle threads are stopped after a period of inactivity”.

Iliasov, in Distributed and fault-tolerant thread management for parallel computations, discusses that the thread mapping is transparent for the programmer. The same program source and compiled byte-code version is used for a distributed, MMP, SMP or a single processor system. There are no special keywords, byte-code instructions or compilation modes to support threads distribution.

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