Sample Essay

Choosing which university to study in is an important decision in the lives of those fortunate enough to have the opportunity. Although loyalty towards ones country should factor into this important decision we should remember  that only as highly qualified and polished individuals can we best serve our country, therefore it is our duty to seek education in a university which will give us the most opportunity to be as qualified as possible academically and otherwise.

An important difference between studying abroad and remaining in Kuwait is that while Kuwait has one university (Kuwait university) students choosing to go abroad for example to America or Britain have access to a far greater number of excellent quality universities. America for example has a large number of universities of which 166 came in the top 500 universities in the world. Kuwait University does not make it to the list of top 500 universities. Although Kuwait is a relatively smaller country more universities means more competition which means better quality of education. So to seek more quality and more options students may choose to go abroad.

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