Sample Essay

The speed with which cyber crime is getting hold of every industry it’s the high time to take measures to control it. A hacker could take over any institution or organization it wants to intrude, with less realization of moral or ethical values and any limits to the access of intellectual properties.  Such an environment is not healthy in any case.

The patterns suggest that mostly people who are engaged in carrying these activities are charged by their emotions and sense of achievements. At least those hackers that have intrinsic motives behind their actions could be directed towards some healthy and rewarding activities by giving them friendly atmosphere with creative and constructive challenges that could let them use their potentials for the betterment of this earth. Institutions and universities could encourage individual efforts and try to keep a check on the activities of their students.

Computer hacking can also lead to other constructive technological developments, since many of the skills developed from hacking apply to more mainstream pursuits. For example, former hackers Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson went on to create the UNIX operating system in the 1970s. This system had a huge impact on the development of Linux, a free UNIX-like operating system. Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster, is another hacker well known for his accomplishments outside of computer hacking (Wiseweek, 2003).

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