Sample Essay

The case study is usually the most important aspect of any study or research. The main case study of this dissertation on which we are working is the region of Hong Kong, and we have to do research on the safety culture in construction industry in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is officially known as Hong Kong Administrative region, which is situated on the south coastal region ofChina, and is one of the two special administrative regions ofPeopleRepublicofChina. It was under dependence of theUnited Kingdomtill the date when its sovereignty power was handed over toChinain the year 1997. According to a record, Hong Kong has the owner to hold world’s most number of skyscrapers which is assumed to be around 6382, which is more than the skyscrapers present in theNew York City. It is said that among the 18 greatest skyscrapers of the world, 4 are present inHong Kong. Some of the well-known buildings in Hong Kong are; Two International Finance Centre, I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower, International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong International Airport, and there are so many others to be mentioned (WAMUZIRI S., 2006, p174).

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