Sample Essay

Scope: This document is limited to analyzing the current process of company ABC, in managing time and leave management, scheduling and encashment information for all its employees. The scope of this process also includes information from the accounting process used by the application, for information related to the transactions processed on the employee in the event of leave encashment and similar cases.

Business Process: Time Management activity at ABC company proceeds in the following manner:

  1. An employee arrives in the organization and punches his card into the card machine.
  2. For requesting a leave, the employee forwards a written request for approval to his direct line.
  3. Request for leave is granted by providing signoff on the written request, which is then filed into the employee file.
  4. Lapsed / Earned leaves are calculated at the end of each year by referring to the employee file for written requests submitted for leave. If the employee has taken casual leave, punch card is reviewed in cases the leave records don’t match.
  5. An employee can punch his / her card twice.
  6. Other employees can also punch the time for any absent employee. There is a chance for misinformation.

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