Sample Essay

Since the last century work environment has witnessed the relationship of various motivation theories among which Frederick Taylor’s theory of scientific management is very well known. His aim was to observe employees thereby suggesting management of ways to increase productivity and efficiency overall (Stimpson 2002, p. 226). This he termed as ‘scientific management’ due to the details involved and continuous observation. According to his observation, he presented his view that there is always one best way to get the job done especially in assembly line which as a result would also save time and pave way to efficiency.

It was at the time when industrialization had started gaining momentum and factories were facing problems related to production techniques and labour management (Thompson 2008, p. 1). However, many would argue that the theory of scientific management is not applicable given the present day scenario because at the time of its inception there was a majority of unskilled and non specialised workers. Also, the managers were not specifically or formally trained and job security was absent.

Taylor further devised the theory of ‘Economic man’ in which he suggested that money was the only motivating factor and that employees should be paid on the basis of piece rate, this further paved way for the chance to be more productive in order to earn more. Similarly, workers could also gain advantage by earning commission for producing units beyond a certain level agreed upon. This approach was widely accepted in the early twentieth century, as a result of mass production by manufacturers and was relevant to flow line techniques.

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