Sample Essay

The scientific management theory believes in ‘Theory X’. ‘Theory X’ is an attitude of management that takes for granted that workers do not really want to work and have to be given external rewards or be coerced or threatened into working. It also implies that average people avoid responsibility and are most comfortable when being told what to do. However ‘Theory Y’ is more suitable to this type of organization. This theory suggests that organization that people learn to accept responsibility, they want their creative capabilities to be utilized and that people do not always need to be coerced into working and are in fact more productive when they are happy with their job.  This theory fits in far more better with a small organization which needs flexibility and creativity in its employees to survive. Scientific management theory refuses to recognize that each worker is different learns differently and has different contributions to make to the organization.

Also an organization following the scientific method has to have very autocratic, centralized decision making process. This means that workers creative input would be limited and they would have no control over decision making. However this means that individuals feels that they are being suffocated and their work is being limited which would not work at all for highly skilled professional who have a great deal of input to offer and wish to be allowed for some room to work. Not only would their creativity dry up in such an organization must creative and out of the box thinkers would leave for other organizations with less rigid structures.

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