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Another set of very important contributors to this school of thought were the husband and wife Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. Frank Gilbreth made an important contribution in the way of time and motion studies. His focus was on efficiency and he believed that mangers should focus on finding that one best cheapest and most efficient way to do things. He worked with bricklayers and also with surgeons. Because of his research patients had to spend a lot less time on he operating table and surgeons managed to save many more lives due to application of his time and motion study.

His wife Lillian Gilbreth known as the ‘the first lady of management’ continued the work after he passed away. Her focus however was on industrial psychology and personnel management. The scientific school of thought is categorized by standardization. A best way for doing the job is decided upon by the mangers and workers are given various incentives to follow this way. The second category is that workers with the right abilities or proper qualifications are only selected for the job. Workers are trained according to the standardized procedures decided upon my mangers to improve their quality of measures. The workers have their work planned out for the day and few interruptions are allowed. Workers are encouraged to have an impersonal approach to work and to basically follow instructions as efficiently as possible. The workers are given incentives to achieve their goals or even go beyond them and for following the prescribed method closely. Basically the scientific method recommended an impersonal and methodical approach to management by figuring out the best way to do things through scientific observation and then offer workers incentive to follow those methods.

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