Sample Essay

The safety culture implements the atmosphere of safety and healthy environment for the people working in the construction business in all aspects. But at times, ensuring safety in the construction industry could act as a challenge for the management,

but it is the most essential part to be integrated for the betterment of the working staff because the health and safety of employees and workers is the paramount and greatest asset for the management of the construction companies and the government as well.

                (Fong, Shen Q; 2000, p322) There are certain reasons why safety environment has to be followed in the construction industry, such as; to reduce the amount of accidents, to ensure healthy and safety of employees while working, to meet up the deadlines of projects on time, to avoid delays in work, to maintain the motivation level of the workers, to retain the reputation of the construction company, to ensure great teamwork and coordination among workers, and to survive among the other competitors in the marketplace.

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