Sample Essay

  • Weekly Teachings: The Roman Catholic Church carried out weekly meetings with the Christians on every Sunday and through this practice, they make sure that the socialization of people is strengthening and the bond of affection is getting stronger day by day.

  • The Seasonal Greetings: There are several seasonal greetings programs and educational sessions are held in the roman catholic church through which people get together and know each other even better than before. Occasions like Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Carol practices, marriages held in churches, salvations carried out, the new year, Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours and the Liturgical year, devotional life and personal prayer of the year; all these occasions not only give spiritual happiness and contentment to people but also enhances the bond of affection among them and strengthens socialization.
  • The Political Aspects: If there is a political need to made amendments in the law and regulations order which should be make for the sake of the religion then the management of the roman catholic church urges from the governing body to make political changes so that people could live easily and happily with the real enjoyment of the religious practices.
  • Need to Evangelize: According to the Catholics belief, it is the need to bring evangelize culture to the humankind and accept occasion of shortcoming in their evangelization. These shortcomings can be understood better in solid situations, such as, illiterate environment, poverty, ignorance, shortage of ministers and structures of oppression.

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