Sample Essay

Considering the overall scenario, the media has generally failed (USMed 2002) in fulfilling its role in serving the public interest. Technology has made it possible for the media to wage war long before an incursion even starts, fueling more into the recipients through the use of hate networks.

It is commonly held that media has a large impact on the outcome / reaction to warfare before, during and after the war. Communication media has a large role to play in shaping the general public’s perception about warfare, as well as serving in the national interest to promote patriotism, unity as well as ‘telling the truth’ which most often is not considered. There is a large variety of cases that show that media acts in large part in favor of one party rather than serving the general public.

It is a most commonly held belief that such agencies and institutions today control all the information that is communicated to the intended recipients, keeping such technology in store for use at a later stage, and becoming influential in regulating policies, processes as well as the functions governing communication to the recipients.

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