Sample Essay

At the very same time, this information becomes more useful when conjugated with the information received from the organization’s environment that controls various different forces impacting the organization.

Some may argue that the treatment of information as economic asset or something of monetary value may be raising too much stakes on the phenomenon, keeping in view the nature of information, becoming soon outdated and unusable after a certain period of time. Also, the relevance of information may also be a highly debated point in the treatment of information as money.

In my personal opinion, information never becomes outdated. With the recent data mining models and warehousing techniques (StarSoft, 2008) that have made their way into the information management arena, it has become increasingly emphasizing for the information to follow the notion of ‘the more, the merrier’.

Then comes the question of having to manage so much of information that might / might not be relevant to the organization. This has become a major stronghold for argument that treatment of information as money is not valid. In view of competitiveness, I offer a rather different, compelling outlook to this question.

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