Sample Essay

In every renowned and esteem organization, it the sole priority and duty of the Human Resource Department to serve its employees with the most beneficial advantages and fringe benefits which could satisfy the needs and wants of the employees and could also improve the working conditions and the organizational structure while managing motivation and enthusiasm among the staff. So, as a member of the Human Resource Department and being the Human Resource Consultant, I feel that it is my duty to note the things and to pass them ahead to the upper management which are needed to be improved in the company.At present, with the strength of 40 working staff in the organization I work, the benefits provided to the employees are; 5 days for vacation, 5 paid holidays, and the legally mandated benefits (such as the unemployment insurance payments). These benefits are good to be offer to the employees but they are just not enough.

The fringe benefits which should be incorporated by the organization’s management are; at least 10 days for vacations, 10 paid leaves or holidays, an annual bonus comprising of one month’s salary at the beginning of the fiscal year, medical allowance and facilities, insurance, fuel allowance, rental allowance, disability benefits, overtime allowance, payroll deductions, retirement fund, and employee reimbursement account.

            My opinion for extending the benefits provided to the employees is because it is their right to be served with maximum output as possible. The employees give their valuable time, efforts, strength, quality work, and skills to the company so that the company could achieve its set targeted goals and move ahead with success and prosperity while giving competitive edge to its competitors in the marketplace. When the staff is doing so much for the company, then it is the duty of the organization and its management to pay them back with high wages, benefits and factors of motivation which could retain their strength and enthusiasm to work with more concentration on the company’s projects in future.

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