Sample Essay

In the time frame 1999-2002 France Telecom had a growth of 100 billion euros having eighty percent payments in cash, had a net consolidated financial debt of 14.6 billion euros. Its priority is to reduce debt by increase in capital with operational performance improvement ‘TOP’.

The debt result from a number of negative factors that includes competition or decisions made by regulatory authorities that have the effect of reducing prices or revenues, the slowdown of the current growth in terms of business volume (wireless activities, data base services, Internet services),the decrease in business volume of older sectors (a tendency that is already being experienced in fixed line telephony),obstacles to the efforts to achieve savings in terms of operating expenses before amortization and depreciation and in terms of investments in tangible and intangible assets, the necessity, due to competition or technological advancement or changes in regulations, to incur operational or investment expenses that are greater than those planned (Form 20-F France Telecom, 2003).

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