Sample Essay

Even if what Islamists are trying is to bring the Golden period of Muslims back they are overlooking the fact that being intolerant, conservative and violent is something that was even practiced by Muslim rulers of history who ruled the world. A liberal Islam that encourages peace and harmony has always been the pride of a Muslim. Islam in its fundamental teachings promotes tolerance and love.

Islamists have originated from people having moderate background living in cities. Mostly youngsters have are its prime followers. They don’t consider themselves to be the revolutionaries rather they say they are bringing the lost values back to the culture and society. Islamism condemns the economic system that world follows and suggests the Islamic economic system where interest rates should be replaced by investments made on profit and loss basis. When it comes to women they have contradicting views leading from conservatives to liberal. Sometimes they encourage women to work outside and sometimes they advocate women taking care of their families as their prime concern. The Islamist ideology could in no way support democracy, dictatorship is what they profess. A leader is responsible for listening to people’s problems and solving them accordingly. The Islamists have started to adopt a violent approach towards addressing different issues and demands for almost last two decades and are considered responsible for many destructive activities killing thousands of people worldwide. Nowadays, Islamists have been feared as a long term threat as there are growing powers day by day with more and more young people joining their force.

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