Sample Essay

I am going to focus on an article appearing in the New York Times on the 15th of December 2009. The article is written by Stewart Brand and it appears as an Open Editorial article. The focus of the paper is the assertion that there are four sided views on global Warming. This is the position of the author. Stewart brings in views from four different sources to reinforce his position on the matter. Next, I will relate the article to “the principle of social reality.”

This is one of the core principles of social psychology. The principle suggests that whether we are alone or with others, we construct social reality as we form impressions of other people and groups and as we act in other ways that reflect our own attitudes and group norms. Every social issue discussed by various groups in different patterns and Society has greatly influenced by these points of views. The debate on global warming has attracted people from all walks of life includes business men, politicians and scientists, to review the effect of climate change on economics and environment.

The principle of social reality clearly relates to the article because the author starts off with saying that “four different views of global warming” (Brand, 2009). This is his personal viewpoint. However, throughout the article he uses external sources involving comments from the climate talks held inCopenhagen a week earlier. Therefore, in this particular case author put forward point of views of denialists, skeptics, warners, and calamatists of global warming phenomenon.

Focusing on the article itself, we can see how various players in society view the issue of global warming as time progresses. Denialists are loud and strong political figures. They say that climatologists are panicking the public about emissions of carbon dioxide, which is actually beneficial for the planet’s biological processes. They blame that the agenda is political as it favors more regulations.

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