Sample Essay

It is estimated thatBeijingwould be receiving around 3.5 million visitors, including internationally and domestically. The hotel rates would raise up to 10 times compared to the normal rates and local residents would give rooms and houses on rest on high prices.

 According to Seeking (2008), locals have started standardizing and decorating their hotels, resorts, apartments for rent and furthermore. Resort is a place to stay for relaxation or recreation. People inChinaare keeping their good hands I managing resorts since a resort gives more relief than a normal hotel.

Chinese government has undergone through the use of Total Quality Management (TQM) process for the Green Olympics 2008. TQM is basically the process through which planning, organizing, controlling and directing is managed and consists the quality of products used, services provided and the satisfaction level involved.Chinais taking extra measures to ensure every operation is carried out according to the total quality management (Langham, 2007).

According to the official website of Beijing (2008), the whole paper is written in a very accessible style that would serve as a good point of entry for anyone interested in leisure, tourism, and cultural change in contemporary societies. It not only reflects the idea of better tourism, sustainable hospitality, but also explains the work done by the Chinese government for the Green Olympics Games 2008 to be held very soon.Chinahas taken care of every way possible to make it yet the best occasion of the century by following the guidelines of the Olympics. Measures in aspect of accommodation, food, communication, traveling, recycling, shopping, trash, security and operations have responsibly checked and undergone.

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