Sample Essay

The marketing strategies launched by the market leaders like Wal-Mart are studied and analysed in terms their target market, the segmentation conducted by the companies in their target market, the marketing mix managed by the company and the new initiatives taken by the companies them selves and the products in the market to determine the marketing initiatives that can be applied to the market in Nigeria and are suitable for implementation for the UTC Plc Nigeria Company  to utilize for their operations to establish successfully in the market.

The main reason for choosing the topic of the dissertation as “Marketing programs used by UTC Plc Nigeria as competitive tool for operations in the Nigerian retail” was to highlight how the retail business and companies operating in the retail sector can use marketing strategies and initiatives to be more competitive, as well as more profitable by generating high sales and revenue from the market. Extensive sources of information were available on the marketing strategies being used in the retail sector through online journal databases and industry researches that have been utilized in this dissertation paper. This influenced the selection of the research topic. The advantage of such a dissertation is that it provides recommendations for streamlining and improving operations for a specific company that can to a certain level be used by other companies operating in similar sectors and environments to obtain competitive advantage as well. In this manner the company targeted, UTC Plc Nigeria Company as well as the other companies with similar characteristics and facing similar issues can utilize the recommendations to resolve their issues.

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