Sample Essay

The research design of the study is such that it incorporates two forms of methodologies for gathering information and analyzing the data to arrive at the conclusions. The two research methods used in the study include the qualitative historical research and a qualitative primary research.

The qualitative historical research has been used for the literature review section of the study where similar and associated studies conducted by other researchers have been analyzed. The qualitative and quantitative study has been used to conduct the primary research for gathering information about the retail market inNigeriaand the marketing operations of the UTC Plc.

Historical research is a type of research methodology comprising of a systematic collection of the data that is mainly historical in nature and that spans over a long period of time. This data is evaluated on the research questions to explain a phenomenon or provide recommendations for future events, strategies and actions that may be taken. The qualitative approach in historical research employs collection of qualitative data, which is then analyzed using various variables key to the concept.

Historical research is a step by step process.

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