Sample Essay

Organizations approaching / looking forward to implementing ITIL v3 for their IT process management, monitoring, control, facilitation and improvement in the overall infrastructure, should be keen in determining the role of IT services in their organization as well the dependence of their operations on the IT services management function. This would assist them once the ITIL implementation has been successfully performed, to cast a shell of an excellent services management structure that would facilitate the IT infrastructure, customers (external and internal), and in the larger context, the organization as a whole.

Although organizations may differ in their approaches and cycles of business, each organization, when opting for a solution to improve their information infrastructure ask questions like “What are the current business attitudes and expectations for IT?”; “What is my IT organization’s overall maturity level?”; “At what maturity level should we be?” (Tainter). A common answer to this question can be how organizations perceive their overall IT service delivery to their prospective / repeat clients. Determining what their customers expect from the offered services is the key to understanding how and why ITSM is important, the present company standing and outlining the vision and scope of the project.

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