Sample Essay

  • Success should be measured not from easy wins in the project, but rather from the momentum (Focus on Training) and perseverance in the project team to achieve the defined goals.
  • ‘Commitment to adoption’ (DataMonitor) must be obtained prior to starting the project, from all the participants, stakeholders, top management and external entities. This factor assists in delivering value to the project as well as the company in the long term. There is no one best method to ensure successful ITSM adoption; however, it solely depends on how much the process is structured as well as the responsiveness and adaptation along with continual process improvement all along the life of the project.
  • ITSM adoption requires exhaustive efforts on both fronts, tactical and strategic. Although ITSM offers long-term strategic implications (DataMonitor) that go a long way ahead, it starts with improvements at various stages of the process.
  • Once ITIL / ITSM are successfully implemented in the organization, the newer processes would require continual investment and alignment ( with the business objectives to derive complete strategic and tactical benefits out of the solution. This would also assist in addressing the demands of future changes and dynamism of customer’s requirements in their view of services to be rendered by the organization.
  • Regular compliance and performance audits must be carried out to ensure strict adherence and acceptance of the new processes, through structured IT governance ( program.
  • Develop a complete understanding of the user’s experience (Tainter) of service of the organization to begin to appropriately align IT services to the objectives of the business.
  • ITSM is not a ‘silver bullet’ (Research and Markets) that will turn the organization around. Understanding its purpose and limitations and adapting the business accordingly to manage and organize IT workflow in the best possible manner.

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