Sample Essay

In my personal view, both of these research projects were of significant importance, but in different circumstances. One research stresses the importance of disclosure and transparency of internal audit process and the auditor’s report to external stakeholders, auditors, shareowners and the importance of information transparency in governing functions responsible for managing financial information of the firm. Interviews were conducted to facilitate the process. I feel that the duration designated to literature review should have been less and that dedicated to interview sessions should have been higher, since interviews were semi-structured, which could have allowed participants / respondents to share their experiences vividly, as well as thoughts and opinions about the impact of the transparency of the audit findings to external stakeholders.

The second research identifies the relationship an auditor has with financial director of the firm. The beauty of this project has been to identify how the owners of each process control and manage multiple faceted relationships at the same time. This research was more elaborative and directive in that it is more organized. A small amount of time was dedicated to exploratory research, structuring of the interview and the research objectives and questions, arrangement of interviews and finally different sessions for studying different relationships.

These projects differed in their objective of determining the usefulness of interview process and the information available. While the first research project only served the purpose of providing interpretive information, the second one, being more elaborative, ensured that it is both interpretive, for researchers and simultaneously deductive / directive, allowing researchers to suggest new models for improving relationships between the finance directors and the auditors.

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