Sample Essay

Hybrid vehicles are also known as Hybrid electric vehicles, Petroleum-electric hybrid vehicles, or HEV. Hybrid vehicles use two or more district power resources to propel. The power used by the hybrid vehicles could be solar, wind, hydrogen, gasoline, diesel fuel, compressed air, coal, wood or solid combustibles, or human power which includes pedaling or rowing. It combines the internal combustion engine with that of one or more electric motors (Miller, IEE 17).

The results about Hybrid Ford Explorer are listed as under (Husain 87-147):

  • Hybrid Ford Explorer has fuel economy and storage capacity to store and reuse energy
  • The batteries used in the Hybrid Ford Explorer are less toxic in nature
  • Hybrid vehicles improves environmental conditions as they releases less amount of gases
  • There are certain raw materials and other elements which face shortage in the production
  • The fuel for Hybrid Ford Explorer is readily available at almost every gas station nearby
  • They are much expensive and are not readily available
  • Hybrid Ford Explorer vehicles reduce the toxic emission of gases into the environment
  • They do contribute to green house emissions, but at very low rate with low gas emissions
  • However, the production of any hybrid vehicle may contain the same amount of pollution just like the gasoline vehicles
  • The production of Hybrid Ford Explorer batteries is very destructive and pollution-oriented in nature

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