Sample Essay

This research paper covers study of the Fairwood Fast Food outlet that how does it effectively functions and endures in the cutthroat market as a small business starter. Fast food and coordinated catering is not anything new toHong Kong.

Fairwood Fast Food had 12 years in Hong Kong rapid business and it is well-known as assisting mostly Chinese food and its list is often altered with cyclic favorites; secondly, it adequately concentrates on employees’ development in alignment to advance their work performance; farther more, the cost of raw components can furthermore be decreased through economies of scale; finally, its’ list conceive is spectacular and considered round four time segments to cater for distinct desires of customers. However, Fairwood Fast Food habitually presents the customers the images that it is a copycat, habitually exact replicate the food recipe either from café de carol; farther more, it endured food value command and economic financial instability.

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