Sample Essay

This paper discusses previous research in a detailed review of literature, however, to actually study the interrelationships and interdependencies between tipping and quality levels of services rendered. In case of quantitative research it is important to narrow down the interdependencies to a narrower framework. Usually quantitative methods aimed at quantifying these relationships, characteristics and behaviors in an attempt to identify the magnitude and direction of these, to project, using a mathematical model and reach a conclusion are used where additional relationships can be identified to support the  research project, in general.

In context of this research study, the researcher has employed literature review for laying out the foundation of the research project. For this purpose, the researcher has resorted to using different sources of information such as literature reviews, libraries, papers, books, websites and others. Based on the scope of the research project, the secondary research was highly useful in setting a premise for the research project, as well as allowing for narrowing down the research objectives to an extent whereby based on the nature of the research project, the scope of the research project can be controlled.

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