Sample Essay

Qualitative  (2004) methods aim to identify behaviors and patterns based on personal experiences or attitudes that are usually unquantifiable and rather categorized on the intensity of the occurrence of the behavior that allow us to generalize the overall behavior in favor of or against the research hypothesis. This project has been done with an aim to identify the characteristics identifying tipping as an economic activity and how these characteristics interact with environmental forces to shape individual’s behaviors towards this social phenomenon.

Research Methodology

For this study, the researcher has employed secondary research, based on the scope of the research project as well considering it a new frontier towards understanding this phenomenon. Information is gathered from various sources such as literature reviews, databases, libraries and others. Considering the nature of the project, secondary research was sufficient enough to narrow down the research objectives, scope and refining the methodology used in conducting the research.

Although secondary research has allowed the researcher to lay the foundations for the overall effort, it is however it is questionable whether it can  create relationships between the factors centering this phenomenon with environmental, behavioral, social and management forces, based on studies conducted for projects with different objectives. The usage of these relationships in future research is extremely important as some of the behaviors require elaboration to allow quantification, before any further efforts are induced into the project.

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