Sample Essay

Nature of research problem decides that which method to employ in the process. Also dependent on the social phenomena from where it has raised and formed, two basic methodologies i.e. positivism (quantitative approaches) and interpretive (qualitative methods) are normally used.  In Positivism, creation of information through study originates from forms of natural sciences which pursue trials and statistical study, the researcher adopts the place of target respondent, who assembles details about the communal world and then builds up an interpretation of communal life by devising such details in a string of connections of causality.

In contrast, inferencing or interpreting is about a truth which is communally collected rather than objectively determined. Hence the task of social researcher should not be to accumulate details and to assess how often certain patterns happen, but to realize the distinct structures and meanings that person’s location gives, based on their experiences. Positivism, therefore, is based on the natural research type of considering details, is more closely affiliated with quantitative procedure of analysis. On the other hand, qualitative research has agreements that figure out the subjectivity of shared phenomena, needs a qualitative approach. In interpreting qualitative study, which is focused on processes and meanings that are not strictly analyzed, assessed, in periods of amount, allowance, power, or frequency. Thus, there are examples found especially in the social sciences, where investigators are involved in insight, breakthrough, and understanding other than hypothesis testing.

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