Sample Essay

The construction industry ofHong Kongis among one of the most valuable and growing industries in the world which has grabbed the attention of many international foreign investors and construction companies.

It is because the construction infrastructure in Hong Kong has gained reputation and has increased with the passage of time, and nowHong Kongis one of the regions in the world which holds one of the best constructions, buildings and structures as compared to other countries. To come up to this point, Hong Kong has gone through many stages of development and has come up with many strategies, changes and challenges which resulted in high skyscrapers, modern buildings and commercial offices which are of central international attention and inspiration for other construction companies in other cities.

However, the construction industry in Hong Kong needs to be gone through many certain changes because the reputation of the safety culture inHong Kongis not so good and appreciable. Many workers suffer from several diseases, sickness, accidents and even deaths every year because of the lack of availability in the safety measures taken by the construction companies.

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