Sample Essay

There are many ways to report the outcomes of qualitative research and evaluation; widespread among them include vigilance to details, explanatory language, direct extracts from those distinguished or consulted, and thematic organization. Qualitative procedures allow the assessor to study chosen matters, situations, or events in depth and detail. Data collection is not guarded by fixed classes of investigation, it is wide spread in general areas of concern.

When carrying out qualitative study, the researcher investigates to gain an entire picture of the events under study. A complete report of events, methods, and beliefs occur in expected backgrounds. The researcher is frequently required to make unquestionable conditional decisions. Whereas, in quantitative study, pre-defined and specific variables are studied in controlled environment. In most research studies, qualitative methods are focused on organizational methods, conclusions, and try to realize both individual and shared knowledge of events. Organizational dynamics and change are leading factors of interest in organizational studies, and only qualitative methods are proven to be sufficient to permit  wide-ranging analysis of change, while quantitative methods are only adept to assess that a change has appeared over time but will not state how it happened and which methods were involved

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