Sample Essay

Recruitment will be carried out primarily for the lower and middle management levels and preference will be given to employees who are currently operating in similar industries and at similar levels at the new location. The announcement to relocate shall be given at least three to four months in advance of the move, therefore there shall be sufficient time to decide who shall be relocating and for which positions recruitment will be required. Recruitment shall be carried out in advance of the relocation and training sessions will be held at the existing site or through telecommunication so that handing over of work may take place with minimal organization disruption.

While the above strategy may result in an increase in the organizational cost, this cost will be for a short term for 3-6 months and will minimize the cost of disruption that this relocation will result in for the business. This move will also reduce the training costs required for key employees as well as reduce the time required for the new employees to adapt to the organizational culture and become productive. It will also ensure that the organization’s strategic objectives are met by retaining those people who set the strategic objectives and were supposed to achieve them.

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