Sample Essay

Assistant Manager: Candidate must have BBA/ at least. Should be able to work in independently and posses sound communication skills. He should be presentable having courteous manners. Must have ability to work under pressure and manage workers. Age could be between 25-40 years. Candidates having prior work experience will be given preference.

Waiters: Should have minimum high school education with a sense of responsibility. They would be directly dealing with the customers so they are required to be extremely careful. Applicants could have age between 18 to 30 years. It’s not necessary to have prior work knowledge.

Cashier: Applicants must have a degree and strong analytical capabilities. Sharp, quick decision maker with an understanding of handling finances for a business. Should be able to closely observe trends and perform tasks with careful approach. He should be capable enough to handle pressure hours with efficiency and presence of mind. Individual having working experience of two to four years will be preferred.

Kitchen Boys: At least have completed high school education. Should have capability of handling rush hours and maintain quality of each order. Fast work habits and ability to meet all the ordered stuff is too important. Candidate should have prior working experience of at least two years in a kitchen of same business. Candidates should have age between 20-40 years.

Security Guards: Minimum required qualification for this post is high school. He should be having alert mind and observant instincts. Ability to stay composed and report authorities, if he notices anything suspicious. Applicants having at least five years of experience should apply. Age criteria for this post are 30 to 50 years.

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