Sample Essay

Actions of individuals should be judged based on the task achieved, giving rise to a flavor of deontological (Kay, 1997) theory as well, discussing that duty based ethics are also extremely important that emphasize on the manner in which actions are performed.

I have also noticed that although various standards and code of ethics developed by organizations such as IEEE (IEEE, 2009), ACM (ACM, 1992) and BCS (BCS, 2009) have been published however they are not regulated in a manner apt for an industry growing at such a rapid pace.

There are a large number of software development methodologies (Lore) that have been created for different purposes however none of them have been standardized for use in a specific setting or organizational circumstances. Also, the adoption of a specific cycle does not ensure that all its processes and stages are being effectively followed. Cycles are most often modified to fit the structure and working of the organization, without strict adherence to the industry’s best practices. The processes should be legalized in such a manner that taking on a process ensures its best use, according to the stages provided in to process, so that all the milestones are achieved in the manner which is acceptable for both the vendor as well as the customer.

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