Sample Essay

The organizational behavior could act as a barrier because there are different people being hired in the company who belong to different cultures, academic background, thinking, opinions, nature, liking and behaviors.

This at times conflict in the decision making power of the company because their thoughts and opinions could collide with each other and all of the employees may not agree to the rules and regulations or policies set by the company management. Apart form that, lack of employee skills and tacit or explicit knowledge also at times are a barrier in the core competence of the company because core competence is basically the set of specialized skills which identifies the company separately and uniquely from other companies and if the employees are not trained or well-off then they might face problem in moving the company’s products and services to the core competence and sustainability success factors. Besides that, lack of capital, human capital, or even misunderstanding on site is a big challenge and barrier for the company because it causes time delays and decreases the efficiency level and reputation of the company in front of its customers and competitors giving it a bad reputation.

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