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No formal sampling methodology was considered instead the questionnaire was simply emailed to the management at UTC in Nigeria, to make it widely available to them. The resultant sampling methodology that was seen to be most effective in this situation was that of a non probability, convenience based sample.

The probability based sampling methodologies were avoided as they were restricting the sources of primary information regarding the subject matter in the UTC Plc company. The probability based sampling techniques made it difficult to gather sufficient data to support the research problem and appropriately provide recommendations that could help the UTC Plc company to better brand, market and position itself in the local market.  The responses to the questionnaires were received from those members of the management team who could take the time out to provide answers to the questionnaire based survey. A total of 50 questionnaires were disbursed of which 22 questionnaires were returned with answers. The questionnaire based survey was designed in a way to correspond to the characteristics of the respondents and to make it easier for them to answer the queries and navigate through the questionnaire. The questionnaire mostly comprised of close ended questions, however on some aspects open ended questions were also used to gather exploratory information on the subject matter. The questions were put in MCQ (multiple choice questions) format to minimize the time taken to respond to it. The triangulation and cross reference techniques were employed in the designing of the questionnaire to verify and validate the responses provided by the management

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