Sample Essay

Qualitative investigation is usually utilized if uncontrolled content in the research is of utmost significance, and the time and cost effectiveness does not affecting the research objectives and available resources.

The methods of qualitative content investigation  appears less suitable, if the study inquiry is not open-ended, explorative, and variable and employed with limited classes. Also, if a more holistic investigation cannot be planned which suggest qualitative content investigation in the theory oriented investigations.  Moreover qualitative analysis is not normally used in the case of only explorative and interpretive understanding of the material (Mayring, 2000, p.474).

In addition, because of the detailed qualitative research methods researchers need to extract the applicable components first and then investigate them afterwards, it can only be utilized if the text itself is not the subject of written analysis. Furthermore, when utilizing qualitative          content investigation in case study analyses, one should be aware of the use of mixed-methods which is almost an unrealistic job.

This paper discusses utilizing qualitative investigation and case study analyses in management researches. The above discussion highlights the power of qualitative methods as a procedure that accomplishes the directness and theory oriented investigation at the identical time. In detail, with its rule-based reasoning and methodologically controlled step-by- step methods of investigation. We can blend the benefits of academic quantitative investigations with a qualitatively oriented approach help us to include context and other significant points into consideration. Therefore, qualitative research methods can be examined as a wide-ranging methodology as compared to quantitative research, which appears to be particularly suitable for case study research also. Qualitative methods also proved to be helpful in supplementing and generating validity and reliability of case study researches.

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