Sample Essay

Even though test scores have risen and the perception is that the situation is better then compared to 1983 when a ‘Nation at Risk’ was published, a number of people still believe that the public school system has problems. Despite consensus on this fact the people are divided as to what the real problem is and what would be its best solution The relatively recent ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ has worked to an extent, but has still many critics. This essay will attempt to study the present situation and to identify and analyze the problems faced by the American public schools today.

Inadequate funding is a very important problem according to many reformers.

Unfortunately, lack of funding means that the neediest students in the poorest areas get the poorest quality of education. Studies carried out by the Education Trust show that most states spent $900 less on their low-income students then they do on affluent schools. According to Federal regulations more money should be spent on low-income students with a nearly 40% adjustment to compensate for the lack of facilities available to them from sources. That means that this $900 difference understates the severity of the problem. Unfortunately research carried out by this institute also shows that schools receiving colored students receive far less funding per-student then do others. Further research carried out inCaliforniashowed that these reduced funds available to already poor-income areas means that the quality of their teachers is compromised on. Schools with a greater percentage of minority students are five times more likely to get an under qualified teacher The study also provided a correlation between the quality of the teachers and students performance on high school exit games, and because funding problems tend to get politicized, they become very complicated to solve. A good example of this is thatNew Jerseyjust dropped its opposition to reforms which mean improvements in school structure.

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