Sample Essay

Since its inception, Psychology has been widely taken as a clinical way of treating mental disorders, or working out relationships (PsychNet UK) through counseling. Due to this reason, it is usually perceived to treat disorders related to the various states of the mind.

However, over time, psychology has evolved from being a basic field of study to an amalgamation of many disciplines, medicine, philosophy, education, human development, sports, media etc. Although still growing as compared to other matured disciplines, Psychology still remains primarily inclined to diagnosing and treating disorders of the human mind. All sciences are associated with rules that have to be followed and cannot be changed; however, the rules of Psychology vary in each case, since every mind is different.

Perception of psychology in this manner can be attributed to some reasons:

  1. Psychology is relatively a newer field of study
  2. Psychology relies highly on experimentation, identifying and explaining various phenomena through observations, interviews, assigning values to variables that are highly unquantifiable.
  3. Psychology is relative

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