Sample Essay

Every individual stores a lot of information on the internet. Some of this information can be made public while the remaining part may be classified as personal. How can this information be protected from public intervention?  A lot of personal information is transferred through social networking and instant communication. When you are chatting with any of your friends, keep a check on what you are talking. Do not provide personal details including credit card numbers, mobile numbers and email passwords. This is because all this information is viewed at a number of places including the server to which you are connected. Thus, you need to be watchful when you are involved in instant communication.

These days, most email service providers allow you to create folders and store pictures. This is a good option if you can use it properly. Change your password frequently and include numbers or special characters in it. In this way, the password cannot be cracked easily.

Social networking is the most common way to interact with people these days.  A lot of people adopt a careless approach when they are accepting friend requests. Do not add anyone to your list until you know the person. Sending invitations is a very productive way to transfer viruses and extract passwords. Digital information is a facility but it can turn into a hazard if accessed by the wrong people.

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