Sample Essay

Based on the information collected from various resources, following individuals have been identified as stakeholders in the project for their input and commitment to ensure the success of the project:

  1. Raymond Mackenzie, CEO
  2. Archie Fleming, Director of Leisure and Recreation
  3. Alistair Riley, Project Architect
  4. Dr. Jamie Macdonald, Community Medical Officer
  5. Keith Bennet, Director of Housing
  6. Director of Roads & Sewers

Project Plan

The project is faced with two kinds of problems: budget and expectations. With stakeholder expectations rising amidst a limited budget received as a series of grants, the VM activity should be planned in such a manner so as to reduce the overheads and deliver more in less amount of time.

Orientation will be the key phase marking the start of the project, in which a dedicated facilitator, preferably hired from outside, will align the team member’s objectives to the goals of the project, and to ensure that their understanding of the project objectives, deliverables and roles is clear. Orientation will comprise the facilitator, a value manager (determined by the team) and the team members. This will require 2-3 days since most of the team members already know their parts.

Once the team is on board, the Diagnosis phase will be staged to identify the problems with the current process, determination of functions, workshop objectives, project scope and constraints with the help of stakeholders. In this session, the format of the workshop will also be finalized with scheduling and allocation of resources. This will require 3-4 days.

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