Sample Essay

In oil industry, a remarkable amount of data collecting research projects have been undertaken in the past.  These data resource are available in multiple forms, but their access is restricted in some public and private concerns. Large amount of this data has been collected by public funding. “This JIP will enable relevant data available to the industry in an easily reachable ways, less duplication of work, and establishes a common ground leading to cost savings in oil industry” (Jahn, Cook,& Graham, 2008).

The proposed project aims to improve the technological sharing procedures under restricted conditions, potentially allowing oil companies to explore new alternatives and high productivity. The risk factor of this JIP can be minimized by effective initiation and management of data base procedures. The outcome of the project is a better understanding by all participating corporations of the occurrence of need and application of this technology in oil and gas exploration. This knowledge would allow better risk estimation and designs for future technology management systems.

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