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The project will be restricted to data related for oil & gas exploration and development in oil enrich areas. The project will focus on data needed by the industry to – establish design criteria for a given location and to perform oil production enhancing assessment in selected areas. In addition, geological drilling data which is open to the public will be included.

The project will be performed in three stages.

Stage 1: Pre-project

The main task in this stage is to identify and review relevant data and data basis.

Companies and research institutes which can gather, accumulate and sustain the relevant data will be identified. To search possible systems and software houses to provide 3D Web Tool to display the collected data. Principles for sharing data and accessibility will be designed and possible data gaps will be identified with suggestions for ending these flaws.

The results of this stage will be the scope of work and propose documents for stage 2, and a demonstration of the planned data arrangement and visualization.

Stage 2: Project initialization

The second phase will include the initiation of members’ selection, their registration, and finalization of JIP agreements. This stage also includes design of the overall data architecture and 3 D web tool, full execution of data base, and data entry by research institutions and companies possessing data. The assortment and approval of data to be entered will be evaluated and decided by technical experts, including oil company council members.

Stage 3: Project implementation and testing

Data base collaboration will be fully implemented and internally extended. The issues coming forth in stage 2 are to be solved and tested. The managing board will decide on an extension of the scope of the project in order to realize the full potential of international offshore oil exploration collaboration.

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