Sample Essay

IBM offers a number of editions for DB2 with several different licensing agreements with the ease for customers that they are required to pay only for the features they actually require which are known as reduced-feature edition. A few examples of such offers include Workgroup, Express and Enterprise Edition. The most popular edition is DB2 Data Warehouse Enterprise Edition. It has been designed for managing mixed workload i.e. handling both Online Transactional Processing (OLTP) and data warehousing with business intelligence (BI). These business intelligent features include ETL, data mining, OLAP acceleration and other analysis.

Database Integrity

This database along with all of its exceptional features could successfully provide cross-platform data movement by using IBM’s Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) strategy but it has no mechanism to deal with cross-platform referential integrity. All the IBM’s structured Query Language (SQL) databases that are in market have no support of referential integrity for cross-platform i.e. hardware or software. To enforce referential constraints one has to closely observe the requirements and code accordingly.

But when it’s a matter of maintaining integrity at a specific platform for instance, incase of System z and the new System z9™, z/OS IBM has its product DB2 perfectly collaborating with these type of hardware.

The foundation for the traditional strengths for data serving on the mainframe lays with the tight integration that System z and z/OS share with DB2 for z/OS. DB2 for z/OS is written to exploit the System z platform and as a result can offer advanced features and function. IBM DB2 for z/OS delivers rich function for highly scalable, industry-leading, high availability, IT infrastructure for your enterprise data and on demand business applications. The combined power and capacity of IBM System z with the high performance and availability of the z/OS operating system and the strength of the DB2 for z/OS data server can expand and  extend your IT infrastructure and the business value of your data.(IBM Red Books)

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