Sample Essay

SAN effectively facilitates data transfers between the storage utilities and the servers requesting data without restricting it to a specific distance in which it can be managed. SAN is a highly evolved concept working on the basic principles of networked storage: a dedicated storage network that manages data requests from the servers using high-speed transfers that can span larger distances using Fiber Channel[1] over IP (FCIP) architecture, an arrangement that allows for a greater amount of redundancy, in an attempt to deliver high performance and increased “local” availability.

An important point to note here is that SAN provides for high-speed, long distance transfers through its use of Fiber Channel switches, acting as points of connection between devices placed at a distance. However, due to its switched nature, is able to provide a dedicated path between devices to make full utilization of the bandwidth in the duration of the communication. Because of its’ channel like facilities, this FC infrastructure provides all applications with the view as though all storage is locally attached. Fiber Channel is able to support multiple protocols (Tate) and a diverse range of devices, which are easily manageable as a network.

[1] Fiber Channel is a set of communication standards set by American National Standards Institute. It sets high-performance data communications technology supporting very high transfer rates.

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